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We use Slack as a platform for FriendsAnonymo.us. To use FriendsAnonymo.us you will need to install Slack on iOS, Android, your computer, or go to slack.com. Slack is completely free for you and secure from any outsiders.

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We are adding new groups all the time as members express needs for them. Some of the current groups include:

#lgbtq #people-of-color #autism-aspergers #addiction #suicide #ptsd #abuse #anxiety #depression #divorce and so many more...

Counselor and Psychologist Q&A’s

Occasionally, we will host industry professional counselors and psychologists for the individual groups. Having friends to talk to about hard topics is sometimes all you need. But other times you need to talk to a professional and ask the unanswered questions.

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We’re all here to help each other. Any hate or discrimination will not be tolerated.

If you take part in any sort of hate, shade, discrimination, trolling, or any other type of shameful act in the community, your message will be erased, you will be banned forever.

About FriendsAnonymo.us

We are a non-profit on a mission to provide a safe place for people anywhere to come together and share experiences and struggles about common topics. We understand the value of finding others going through life in similar shoes as you, and being able to talk about it. And we also know that you don’t always want to share these things publicly. Your personal information will never be shared or displayed. To go rogue, start by using our free tools below to come up with a new name and find your new look.

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